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fanofrandomness's Journal

I was born in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, on September 23rd, 1994. Both my parents are Bengali, but even then, I only lived there for a year, which I don't even remember. The rest of my childhood, until I turned 11, was spent in Singapore. Except for the past few years - we've moved around a lot, but right now, I'm in California, and loving it!

I love reading, especially fantasy and historical things like Royal Diaries. I also like watching TV and movies. Which brings me to my obsessions. I'll list them, it's easier, but the order I like them in is always changing.

Favorite Books

1) The Harry Potter series, by J. K. Rowling. Yes, okay, I'm a nerd. So sue me. Hey, almost everyone in the world's heard of it, that must mean something!! LilyJames, HarryGinny, RonHermione are my favorites!
2) The Twilight series and the Host, by Stephenie Meyer. I have read all of the books, they are sooo good!! Just the right amount of romance and danger. Right now, the Host is my favorite book. GO IAN!!
3) All the Tamora Pierce books. They are so good!! Aly is my favorite character right now, but I can never decide if Tortall is better than Emelan or not!!
4) Percy Jackson and the Olympians, by Rick Riordan. So funny!! I love the way the world fits in with today's world!! And Percabeth rocks!!
5) The Animorphs series, by K. A. Applegate. Quite good science fiction, even if I don't like the ending. I want Marco and Rachel together!!
6) The Everworld series, by K. A. Applegate. It's hard to believe the autor also writes children's stories. Slightly adult, but still okayish.
7) The Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) I have never read even one of these books without having a hysterical outburst of laughter somewhere in the middle. They are funny!!
8) The Chronicles of Narnia, by C. S. Lewis. They are okay, and I really like The Horse and His Boy.
9) Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell. The characters seem so real!! Although I hate the ending, and sometimes detest Scarlett.

I also love Bollywood, which is basically Indian cinema. It is sooooo good!!! People keep debating which is better, but for me, Bollywood will always rule!